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G Guard has been growing rapidly recently. We are looking for sharp business minded people, to join our venture and bring our brand, products and services to market across the nation.

If you’re looking into a automotive detailing service business, you should definitely check us out. We have a solution to integrate existing businesses as well as help set up new service centres in unchartered territories.


Professional Installer

Unparalleled Training

Top tier installations begin with a strong skill set. G Guard offer the highest rated & most comprehensive training under our belts, our certification program will provide you with the knowledge base you need to begin your journey.


Professional Trainer from Japan

Our quest for excellence doesn’t stop there. We ensure that your automobile protection products are only installed by highly qualified experts who are trained by specialists from Japan every year.


G Guard dealer could carry our full range of products and services including G Guard Coating, G Guard Car Detailing, G Guard paint protection film, G Guard Windscreen Protector and G Guard Window Tint to ensure the service quality, and customer satisfaction, we go even further by providing complete training for your staffs and technicians. This means G Guard dealer can feel confident about demonstrating and selling the product line, knowing that they carry the very best products available to the professional detailer.

Innovative Design Cutting System

1. Completeness

G Guard’s pattern library has over 70,000 applications

2. Accuracy

High-quality design, comprehensive computer cut patterns available.

3. Appearance

Made to compliment the body lines of each vehicle, without unnecessary seams & relief cuts.

4. Timeliness

Increase efficiency at installation while reducing the time you wait to have your car protected.

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